Carbon Fibre Number Plate Frame

Carbon Down Under

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  • Designed to fit Australian number plates (exclusive to Carbon Down Under)
  • Premium carbon fibre - oh yes, it's real - with your choice of Twill or Forged
  • Incredibly lightweight and durable
  • Around 5 times stronger than steel
  • Easy installation - simply wipe, peel & stick! 

NOTE: This product is currently in development with our suppliers - we are currently taking pre-orders & expect these to be available in June 2023. The product featured is an example from our manufacturer, but does not reflect the final design which will be a screwless overlay as opposed to a backing plate. 


Frame Type Fits licence plates sized Carbon Frame Size

372mm x 134mm
372mm x 136mm

Slimline 372mm x 100mm TBC
NSW Premium (Large) 372mm x 107mm TBC
NSW Slimline (Small) 372mm x 84mm TBC
US 305mm x 105mm N/A
European 520mm x 110mm N/A

186mm x 100mm
184mm x 100mm



  • 1 x Carbon Number Plate Frame
  • Automotive grade intallation tape (pre-installed)
  • Gift Box

Shipping: This one's on us! Shipped free within 24 hours from Sydney, and generally at your door within 2-5 business days! 

Returns: We stand by our products and think you'll love them as much as we do. But sometimes things do happen - if something goes wrong we'll help you out per our Warranty & Returns policies - just get in contact.  


  1. Why are these frames so expensive? 
    Manufacturing carbon products is expensive, involving significant upfront costs to design and produce a mold for each respective size frame. Whilst US/Euro sized carbon frames have been in production for several years, with molds readily available from many suppliers, Carbon Down Under are the first to bring to invest in & develop Australian sized carbon fibre frames. This R&D cost, along the quality production, is incorporated into the price.  

  2. How do I install the frame? 
    Simply clean your licence plate, peel the included automotive grade tape and stick it to your plate. It'll be a perfect fit! 

  3. Why can't I screw or clip on the frame? 
    Our frame has been designed with the ultimate aesthetics in mind. This means no plastic clips, no nasty screw holes and an easy installation process. 

  4. What happens if it falls off?
    It won't - each plate comes pre-installed with automotive grade double sided adhesive tape. It's the same stuff used to stick on car spoilers. But if it does, get in contact - we'll replace it free of charge. 

  5. Can I remove the frame? 
    Absolutely. Heat it up with a hair dryer and it'll remove easily. If reapplying, make sure you replace the adhesive tape with a quality outdoor/automotive tape.